Marta TrainThe Pro-Public Transit proponents would have you believe the public is clamoring for a large, expansive twenty-four hour bus system in Gwinnett. They ignore some important facts:

  1. Gwinnett already have a public transit bus system. Except for the 10 to 20 express busses that run to downtown Atlanta, no one rides the current Gwinnett Transit System. With less than 15% ridership it has resulted in mostly empty buses and a burden on the taxpayers.


  1. The Gwinnett bus system costs the taxpayers more than $14,000,000.00 per year. Cobb County also has an expanded bus system that costs their taxpayers $20,000,000.00 per year. Cobb also has largely empty busses running all over the county.



  1. Gwinnett already has a countywide bus fleet operated by the Gwinnett Board of Education. School busses in the county are underutilized. One only needs to see the long line of parents picking up and dropping off their children at Elementary and Middle Schools and avoiding school busses.

Additionally, the School Board has spent millions and millions of dollars building new parking lots at high schools for the teenage drivers who avoid school busses like the plague. Teenagers will NOT be separated from their cars.